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Friday, November 14, 2008

Blog advertising

I never knew what blog advertising is all about till I joined blogging. Blog advertising is a new way to earn money; that means the advertiser needs to post an opportunity so the bloggers can find them directly. This is kind of like company trying to hire prospective employee, by posting a job opening; that way the people who are looking for a job can find the job they are looking for. In blog advertising, advertiser needs to specify the requirements for the bloggers to qualify to write a paid post like for example: whether it has a page rank, location of the blogger, language to be used and etc… the more opportunity an advertiser posted, the more bloggers will look for a job to work for.

There are lost of benefits on advertising on blogs. First of all, both the advertiser and blogger benefits from each other. The advertiser can get more clients to buy their products when they use blog to advertise their products because blogger reviews the products in a positive way that is very appealing to the consumers, clients, businesses and eventually leads to earning more money. And better business; while on the other hand, blogger earns money by writing reviews with regards to the opportunity.


carlota said...

Cel- sorry didn't get a chance to reply your email...yes the blot was there already. Segi lang may surprise ako sa'yo...wink8*

Cecile said...

ok, di ko na notice eh, salamat, kakatawa, all of a sudden napansin ko yun :-)