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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If you are a teacher particularly of a class grade 1 through 8, you probably seen some of your students struggle with Math subject. In the recent NAEP data tells that 64% of America's 4th Graders are not proficient in mathematics. A lot of Students failed to build a solid foundation in Arithmetic skills and concepts. And this gap is reflected in poor performance in grade school as well as in middle and high school.Thanks to Marilyn Burns, together with a team of Math Solutions masters, they have created the book “Do the Math” that help students who have fallen behind the chance to catch up and keep up; the book focuses on numbers and operations which is the cornerstone of elementary mathematics. The program teaches the students the basics of Math which are computation, number sense and problem solving. It also helps the student develop the skills they needed to compute, sense number and problem solving. Students also develop the skills they needed to compute with accuracy and efficiency. If teachers and parents use the mathematics intervention and Marilyn Burns technique, it will make a big difference with the students Math skills development especially the program like development process , instructional strategies, module at a glance and components. Visit their site now and check the complete books created for struggling Math students.

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