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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Want Your Tummy Tuck Done?

Most women in particular and even men these days are very conscious on how they look physically. They all want to look good and feel better about themselves. There are lots of things out there like different kinds of surgeries for certain parts of their bodies like breast implants, plastic surgeries for nose, lips, buttocks to name a few. Anyway, I have a cousin who is pretty and perfect in many ways, at least physically, but for whatever reason she has her face done; we didn’t even recognize her when we saw her after three years living overseas. She said she needed to have a tummy tuck; her tummy has gotten very big after her pregnancy. She tried to do some sits up and exercise, but didn’t work out because she is a busy mother who doesn’t have time for herself. She told me to help her find a clinic that will do the procedure for her. I have found where they perform surgery to tightens weak or stretched muscles and remove excess skin to make it toned and flat; they call it abdominoplasty.On the other hand, my cousin needed at mini abdominoplasty; this is design for the people who have excessive fat between the belly button and the pubic bone and is especially done with women who recently delivered a baby. The procedure is usually done in a hospital under general anesthesia; then a 10-15 cm incision. Recovery usually takes 6 to seven weeks and it is usually safe so no worry too much about the side effect of it. The cost of tummy tuck is base on location and region and the doctor performing the surgery demand, to name a few. All in all cost including everything rage from $5,000.00 to 9,000.00. Interested on tummy tuck? Visit their website to learn more about it.


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