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Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Us on a Sunday Afternoon...

Yesterday, after church while driving on the way home, I saw this people carrying their picnics chairs and setting it up on the side of the road. Some people were already seating and waiting for something to happen which I didn't know what. I figured it out right away. So when hubby and son came home from church (we used both cars because hubby needs to be at church early for a monthly meeting), I told them that there is a parade in Downtown Ashland and we need to see it. So after eating lunch, we went to see the parade even though it was really cold outside.

So took some pictures of us while waiting for the parade. Here is Jacob beisde the car.

then, hubby and son, Jacob was tired of Mommy taking pictures that is why he wasn't looking.

Here begging my son to stand with me while Daddy is taking the picture.

Still not looking here, oh well, just me!

Busy watching the parade while I took pictures of them and the parade.

Father and son bonding time as well as enjoying Sunday family activity outside home!


Umma said...

Wow Ces.. you have such a loving family.. kakatuwa naman si Jacob.. I think he is a camera shy palagi hahaha..

but he is so sweet and adorable..

Cecile2 said...

thanks you for such nice comment, dear :-)it was really cold!

he is not really a camera shy, just tired of me taking pictures of him :-) plus our digital camera is really slow and he doesn't want to smile and stand there waiting; kids you know, no patience sometimes.