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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

File Extension Library

Ever since I joined the world of bloggers I have been busy accumulating images, articles, news, recipes and all sorts of stuffs that need to be filed. And because of that files have stocked up and that makes my husband get mad. He told me to make separate folders for my own files. So I thought on how I will make it easier to organize my files. Then I remember the website I came across one time while surfing the net; and it is called What it does is that they provide information regarding file formatting that is short and to the point. The sega AFS files has many applications. For example, it is applied in Sega Dreamcast game. When one installs this game, one needs to install an emulator, which recognizes this file. The same thing what the file extension does to the files. The file extension can be from one to several characters long and can be usually identified easily because the filename and its extension is separated by a two sets of quotation marks. Different applications are required to open different types of files based on their file type. Each entry contains information about the file format, its creator, a description of the file, related applications. This site is so cool; it makes organizing files and documents easier.

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