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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are you affected by the Wall Street Meltdown?

I know it is a crazy question to ask, but if anyone out there said “no” then he or she must be out of his/her mind or just simply no idea what is gong on around him/her. Wall Street Meltdown is greatly affecting the whole nation. We are all affected wherever we are or maybe, that’s for sure! Anybody who think they are “not”, I think it is time for them to do a reality check of their finances: like their investments and retirement fund. No finances to look in to? Well, that is different. Just look into the cost of basic commodities or maybe your cost of living.

The Wall Street Meltdown has obviously caused a problems to a lot of people. Many people got laid off like my husband twice in two years, home foreclosure, bankruptcy done by a friend of mine, retirement funds are dwindling, and investments are going down the drain. There is no way you are not affected by meltdown. You are; you are just trying to hide it. Admit it! You, me and everybody and the entire nation or United States are greatly affected whether you like it or not!


Joops said...

Oh everyone does, especially us..

Cecile said...

you are right, joops everyone, i can't imagine one will say he or she is not affected bu it.

anyway, thanks for the visit and have a great day!