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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back on EC Dropping...

After three days of not being able to drop and visit you my friends, finally get the chance today. My husband is back to work, that means I have this computer to be used all day. He uses the computer finding and applying for job when he's home. What was left for me was our laptop which is old and a little bit slow, but works catching opps and writing reviews. And that was the reason you didn't see me dropping ec's and visiting as much as I want to. Here I am back and is working like crazy catching up with ec dropping, commenting and leaving messages on cboxes.


chubskulit said...

Ako ate tatlo kalaban ko sa comoputer hahaha.. once nasa work si hubby, my kids wont stop interrupting me so kadalasan di ako nakakabloghop, dami ko din namimiss na opps hahaha.. Pag gabi naman si hubby ang may ari ng PC wahhhhh.. yung laptop kasi namin nasira nung dinala namin dito..

Cecile2 said...

oo nga, Rose, hirap pag may kalaban :-(, sige lang mas importante naman family natin di ba, saka may time din tayo pag wala sila hehehe