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Monday, November 24, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner!

The other night, I can't think of something to make for dinner. So while hubby was attending a job fair at work, I decided to make "breakfast" for our dinner which by the way my son's favorite :-)
I made bacon, sunny side up eggs and french toasts
He didn't look happy here but he actually love the dinner!
Cheaper than going to IHOP or Denny's right?


Mom of Four said...

Sometime, I am like you, can't think of what to cook for my kids. I always have stock of Chicken tenders, French Fries, Corndog with honey, breakfast sausage and pizza. Kids can be picky..and its not easy..
At least he loves what you made. That's a thumbs up for you!

Dhemz said...

hahha..looks funny...he looks sad..pero busog pala!

Cecile2 said...

sometimes frozen foods come in handy esp. when we feel like not cooking :-), i do that too for my son ! and sometimes for my hubby

Cecile2 said...

oo nga, dhemz he actually like it, ewan why he looked funny

you made me laugh with your comment, dhemz :-)

Youngest said...

mukha talaga syang malungkot, but the food looks great! there are times that we felt like eating dinner during breakfast or eating breakfast during dinner which is fine and truly kids can be picky.

Cecile2 said...

youngest, you are right :-) they can be picky and it is hard to come up with something everyone can enjoy eating.

Maria said...

Hi cecile2, Your breakfast looks really good. I got hungry when i saw it. I am filipina too from Chicago. Nice to met some Filipina out there.

Advance thanksgiving to you and your family