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Monday, November 17, 2008

Let Us Rebuild America with $25

For most people nowadays, $25.00 is not really a lot of money. To some, it is just an hour of time spent working; and when you spend it, it will only buy you and your husband a simple meal at the restaurant or maybe movie date with popcorn. If we can spend that amount of money watching movie, why not spend it to something very useful. Like investing it in Rebuilding of America. Not like stocks, we can truly make a direct impact on people while making money off it because they use this money to directly build and put the people to work. This new program offer safe secure FDIC insured Certificates of Deposit in $25 increments, which make them affordable to just about anybody. But unlike many investments, these CDs will make a huge difference in the future of America. Our country is in serious debt and we need to build infrastructure and things with real money because it’s the only way to get back our economy in order. This will also help employ the millions of American who have lost jobs because of things like outsourcing and the economic problems. So my fellow Americans, let us help build America by sharing a little bit of ou money; a $25 .00 can really make a difference.

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