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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Healthier and Cleaner Teeth

After my transplant, my doctor told me that I need to really follow strict cleanliness for my immune system is weaker now than before. I need to take immunosuppressant medicine to stop my body from rejecting the new kidneys transplanted in my body. He also told me to take good care of my teeth for it can cause heart disease if I don’t take care of it. Since then I have been cleaning my teeth like crazy. I used different brands of toothbrushes but sometimes it is hard to find one that is perfect for you; something that won’t hurt my gums and prevent it from bleeding.Then a fellow transplant recipient told me about oral b triumph 9950. This toothbrush will help you achieve cleaner, whiter teeth and healthier gums which is what I wanted. It also helps loosen plaques and make your mouth looking and feeling great! Plus this is the only wireless remote toothbrush help reduce hard brushing which can lead to gum recession. This product has a 2-year Limited warranty and Contains: 4 brushing modes, Oral-B smart guide, Wireless remote display, Pressure brush head alert,Brushing guide, Digital brushing timer, Digital clock , Brushing mode indicator, Low charge , Wall-mountable, Floss action brush head, brush head, Power Tip, Tongue Freshener , Smart Plug charger, Base Station Brush head storage and Travel Case Products. Visit their site now and get yourself this great toothbrush and also check out some of their dental product and teeth whitening product available.

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