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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blog Advertising

I used to criticize people who do blog and wondering why they need to expose their personality on the internet where other people can read. Then one day, my friend gave me a call telling me about blogging and how it will help me gain friends while earning money. I said ok I’ll give it a try (sounding reluctantly). I registered and made an account for myself. After a week or so, I have found myself liking it and gaining friends! I didn’t know how fun it would be till I joined the blogging world. After few months, I realized that maybe I should try making money out of blog by signing up to some paid post company my friend have been telling me about. As soon as my blogs were approved, I started writing reviews, testimonies to promote advertisers products and services.I found a new hobby through blogging and gain more friends around the world. Then I started finding some more paid post and luckily came across Paying Post, a new blog advertising network that allow bloggers to earn extra money online. I thought it was great! To all of you bloggers out there, register now at and earn extra money yourself! Plus, do you know that Paying Post opportunity creation fee is 50% less compared to other paid post companies or competitors you will find out there? Yes, and I think it is great! I am very glad I have found Paying Post and pleased to say that I got two opportunityies already right away after my blogs were approved.


amiable amy said...

really? sound convincing, i will sign up now...thanks

chubskulit said...

yipppppeeee kuha ko rin to ate.. am glad you fixed your comment section... mas gusto ko kesa shoutbox...

how's the thanksgiving by the way?

Cecile said...

Amy, yup, sign up na :-)

Cecile said...

oo,Rose buti na lang na figure out ko rin kung paano hehehe

thanksgivng, was goo even thoug it was just me, hubby and jake :-) hubby cooked all the foods, but sweet potato :-)

i did all the cleaning hehehe

i love my husband, he does everything for :-)