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Friday, November 14, 2008

Smiley Award

Rose is reminding me to keep on smiling with this cute award. Thank you so much for this happy award, dear! It says that this is an award for bloggers who show kindness by spreading happiness around.

Here are 10 people who always makes me smile everyday: Dhemz, Umma, Faye, Lou, Rose, Iceah, Juliet, Richard, Cookie, Amy and Claire.

Top 10 reasons for me to smile everyday!
1. God loves me
2. My family loves me
3. I have a happy family
4. I am grateful I am a wife and mother.
5. My family and I are healthy
6. I have loving parents and in-laws
7. I have more friends than I ever had
8. We have foods on the table and savings
9. I have strength handle trials in life
10. God is always there watching over us


amiable amy said...

thanks for this award ces...hehehe...the URL is not correct,my faul a long URL...hehehe..i will post it later...

Cecile2 said...

opss, sorry dear, i will correct it later :-) my mistake, not youre :-)

thanks for accepting it.

Cookie said...

Thank you so much for this award Cec. you made me smile, too, and your messages meant a lot.
In fact, you're my very first visitor in my blog when I was still new in the blogging world. I thank God to have 'met' you!

Dhemz said...

hahhah...thanks a lot te...touch naman ako make me smile too you know! salamat sa lahat ng comments!