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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Breakfast and Lunch with Dad

Today is a father and child Thanksgiving Lunch at my son's school; but unfortunately, hubby has to go to work. I ended up going there myself instead. I am glad that Mrs. Young (Jakes' teacher) allowed Moms to come if Dads are not available. The lunch turned out to be good. Foods were great! I forgot to take picture of it, but anyway there was slice of turkey, mashed potato, green beans, cookie, roll and tea and milk. I like it and I think kids love the foods, too for most of them ate all their foods on the tray. I have to pay for my foods ($3), well that wasn't bad.Yesterday morning was a breakfast with Dad, too! Matt was working so my son and other kids whose fathers weren't there ended up eating inside their classroom instead in cafeteria. Wonder why there is no breakfast or lunch with Moms. That's ok!

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