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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Take Turns Watching T.V.

I haven't been watching seriously T.V. for a little while now and it was funny this morning I sat down, turned it on and started watching "That 70 Show" it was funny and the casts are all hilarious and I was laughing like crazy alone. It is fun every once in a while watching t.v. alone. My son owns our t.v. now; we coudn't even watch the news. Every time we turn it on, he will just say " I want to watch my show, Mommy or Daddy". It's crazy! So what we did; we only let him watch his show when he finished his foods, clean up his mess and put away his toys and clothes to their proper places.And also we take turns watching our favorite shows. And set aside time watching t.v. or video together as family.

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