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Monday, November 24, 2008

Green Office Supplies for a Green Planet

It is always my desire to help save the planet earth by keeping paper bag we get from grocery stores and return it back or dropping them at a recycle place. I know by so doing I am at least contributing something. I am also fond of buying stuff made of recycled products. I know each of us can make a difference in helping global warming. One way to do it is to buy recycled business cards and other eco-friendly office supplies. Dolphin Blue provides office supplies made from recycled content. And that is why their products are slightly lower in price than the ones that is not recycled. Even offices and government are looking for ways to save planet earth buy using only recycled office supplies. Let us contribute for global warming cause by buying green stuffs as much as possible and help save Mother Earth!

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Daffernia said...

Wow!! Nice idea!! Last time, I got office supplies for my new office from eCost...