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Thursday, November 20, 2008

DHP Home Delivery

My grandmother is very old now; she is 98 year old and is weak to stand up or walk on her own. She needs help and she gets it from her children and grandchildren. Anyway, she pee and poop on her underwear just like any old people we know. So to make the job easier for those people who take care of her., we deiced to buy her undergarments. We have found DHP Home Delivery Company, Inc who offers disposable healthcare products for elders and people with incontinence problem. We chose Surecare Slip On Underwear because this undergarments is designed with the look and feel of regular underwear; the waistband is very comfortable and has easy to pull on style that eliminates the need of buttons, tape or strap. It is super absorbent because of Polyfresh, and reduces odors while retaining the maximum fluid. What I like most about DHP is that you don’t have to go out and buy it yourself; they deliver it right in front of your door, thus eliminate the need of going out and buying it yourself at the store, also save you gas and money. You can be sure that their products are guaranteed safe for they are the leading manufacturer of disposable healthcare products worldwide.They also sell Pre-Moistened Washcloths, Vaseline Constant Care Moisture Barrier Salve, DermaCen Perineal Wash and more. Visit their website for more healthcare products.

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