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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DHL's Reduction and Outsourcing

I have been trying to find the closest Forex Balikbayan office in Virginia; but unfortunately, the closest is 2 and ½ hour away from us, same as LBC. I am worried I wouldn’t be able to send my box to the Philippines in time for Christmas. I thought of sending it thru DHL. But then again came the news about reduction of forces because of stopping of domestic operations here in the U.S. That means loss of jobs and increase unemplyment. We only now left with UPS, Fed Ex and USPS. In the town of Wilmington,Ohio, hub of DHL with only 12,000 population, they have estimated that 8,000 jobs will be lost. My goodness, what is going to happen in that town? Destroying a town in favor of higher earnings per share is very unfair!


Umma said...

Right now, unemployment is increasing and it scary to think those people who's going to lose their job.

I just hope that the new admin will be able to bail out these issues.

Joops said...

Yeah I agree, Circuit City is even gonna close, imagine how many employees they have... its gonna get so much worse..

Cecile2 said...

Yup, am hoping the same thing, Umma

Cecile2 said...

joops, i hope best buy will stay, because i heard on the news that they were going down also.