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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kmart Lay-Away Program

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I can't help but think about where to shop. As the economy is slowly melting down, we are one of those affected by it. Financially, we are in tight budget and might now be able to afford buying gifts. Good thing I heard about Kmart who offers layaway to their costumres. They have this wonderful Kmart Lay-Away program where they allow their customers to select and reserve the items they want so much early. Layaway also became famous to the consumers or shoppers because they are allowed to make payment for the larger items and purchases. The Layaway works this ways: a.) select and reserve the items you want b.) Bring the item to the lay-away counter and pay a down payment c.) And then, make payments every two weeks till you are done paying them d.) Once you are done paying the items, you can take it home with you before Christmas. That easy and convenient especially now that the economy is melting down paying in full is not really an option.

The Chief Marketing of Kmart; Mark Snyder said: With Kmart Layway program it is easier for the customers to make holiday special because Kmart is the only place that sells quality and amazing products that will make holiday season special for everyone. And right now, they are the only department store nationwide that offers layaway.

I really want to purchase a Christmas tree because we needed a new one. We gave away our old Christmas tree to a friend when we were relocated due to my husband’s work. I have found the one I like online and it is the one by Martha Stewart Everyday. It is a 7.5ft Bradbury Mountain Tree with 800 multi-colored Never Out Lights. It is going to be perfect for us because it is similar to the one we have given away.

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