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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Charter Communications Xbox Sweepstakes!

We used to own XBOX 360 and really enjoyed playing games with it. We bought it the first time they introduced it to the market few years ago. Anyway, we sold it to a colleague because her some like to have it but couldn’t afford to buy a new one. Now we don’t have it and wanted to buy one soon. It would be a great gift for my husband who is fond of playing games after work. Now that Charter is holding a Charter Communications Xbox Sweepstakes, we might not need to buy XBOX ourselves. They are giving-away this gaming console everyday until December 15; and you do not have to purchase to enter the contest. And if you try Charter services for 30 day risk free, you will automatically be entered to win!

The prize pack includes:-XBox 360® Pro Console, XBox LIVE Headset, Wireless Controller, Component HD AV Cable and 20Gb Detachable Hard Drive. If you are a serious game player, you might consider subscribing to Charter services for they deliver the best services you will never find in other company and that includes Charter HD and blazing fast high-speed Internet. You will love blazing through Internet at the fastest, most reliable speeds available; get picture quality 6 times sharper than a standard TV by adding Charter HD. You need Check your area if Charter services are available, for sure it excludes New York sate.
To learn more about sweepstakes rules, visit their website at

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