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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pre-Halloween Party

We went to church's Pre-Halloween Party for children and they all have a blast! I took these....
where Jacob was standing next to Bailey...and they are the little version of Andy and Jesse at Toy Story animated movie.
Here is the results of face paiting/drawing they did at church for the kids. My favorite activity was where the kids were fishing for was very hilarious to me since it was my first time to see it, especially how they giggled and no idea how they caught the fish. I tell you we (parents) were very amused and we couldn't stop laughing.

Here I was surprised when he agreed to have his face painted. I was very pleased because before when I ask him to have his face painted all I get is that a big "NO!"

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the spool artist said...

your kids are just so adorable! and they look great in costumes... happy halloween!