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Monday, November 3, 2008

Senator Barrack Obama with his Grandpaents

Senator Barack Obama's beloved maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham affectionately known as "Toot" has passed away this morning; on the cusp of one of the most monumental events of the 21th century, the possibility of the election of first Black President. Dunham, 86, had been gravely ill for months and Barack recently suspended his campaigning last week to be by her side in Honolulu. Our prayers go out to the Obama and Dunham families.
I just can't imagine what he's going through right now, especially that the election is about to start tomorrow. My deep condolences for him and his family. For the record, I posted this article/story because I kno how it feels like to lose someone close to you; lost my grandfathers and grandmothers who took care of me the moment I was born till they died. I am not campaigning or things like that! Just a human with feelings and symphaty.


Laane said...

I feel for him too.

This is the worst time to loose a grandparent.

Cecile2 said...

you are absolutely right, Laane.

thanks for stopping by :-)